Columbia Fireflies Reading Incentive

Students at McCrorey-Liston School of Technology are participating in the reading incentive program sponsored by the Columbia Fireflies!  Students have been asked to read a total of 360 minutes to "hit a home run" and earn their free tickets.  To reach first base, students need to read 100 minutes by February 21.  They'll receive a fantastic book mark for that accomplishment.  Second base is 100 minutes by March 13,  Third base is 100 minutes by April 3.  Finally, a home run is 60 minutes by April 17th.  
When students hit a "home run", their teachers will give them the ordering form parents need to obtain tickets.  Parents can order additional tickets using the same form.  If the family is going to share this as an event, ordering the tickets together will allow everyone to sit together.
Students that "hit a home run" will receive a free hot dog, chips, drink and a surprise gift when they go to the game.  The game date for McCrorey-Liston is Saturday, June 13, 2020.