Adult Readers Can Win $50.00 Gift Card

Did you know you can get a $50.00 gift card from McCrorey-Liston School of Technology at the end of the school year, just by being the top reader?  Everybody knows students are competing to get end of the year prizes as top readers in Reading Counts.  But, adults are also competing.  It doesn't matter whether you are a teacher, custodian, aunt, uncle, grandparent, mom or dad, you could be the winner of the $50.00 gift card!  Make sure you let Ms. Cooper, the librarian, know you want to compete so that your name can be added to the Reading Counts program. Then do just what the students do.  Read a book, take a quiz, and pass the quiz.  To find out if book titles are included in Reading Counts, check for the title in Quiz List.  Quiz List can be found on the media center webpage.  To take a quiz, stop by the Eagle's Nest Media Center and use a computer there.  Happy reading!