MLST Hosts Jr. Beta Club Induction

New Beta Club members were inducted today, September 25, 2019 at McCrorey-Liston School of Technology in a very moving ceremony.  Parents, friends and classmates were in attendance.  When asked "What is Beta", the response is: The National Beta club recognizes academic achievement, promotes character, develops leadership skills, and encourages service involvement to students in grades four through twelve.  The 2019-20 Beta Club Members of McCrorey-Liston School of Technology are:
4th Grade
Madison Green
My'Kayla Jefferson
Joidyn Kinard
Ian LeStarge
Skylar LeStarge
Madison Nelums
Mason Nelums
Logan Watkins
5th Grade
Gabrielle Ashford
Landon Morgan
Blease Small
Kamya Young
6th Grade
Khaleb Feaster
Khamaj Feaster
Perla Gachuzo
Camron Johnson
Reese Johnson
Brenton Mack
Douglas McCloud
Breeonda Peay
Joshua Richards
Padrian Robinson
Samaria Scott
Pictures of the ceremony are available in our Photo Gallery.  Congratulations to Beta Club members.